Thursday, September 2, 2010


Android Time Tracker (ATT) is  an  android application for simple tracking your precious time in any of  your everyday activities .

Main purposes of ATT  is  to be  your everyday companion and to help  you to track all your activities with your Android OS capable phone.With ATT you can very easy track where you spent your precious  time.

ATT is very useful if you need to track how much time you spent  on some work which you doing for yourself  or  for some external customer.  ATT has an useful option  which make it easy for you to send an PDF format Report email  for your customer or to yourself  for archiving.  

Tested: Android OS Versions 1.6 - 2.2
Reporting :PDF/Email

1.ATT  home form

2. creating a time track

    3. open existing track

4. start time tracking

5. time track options

6. generate PDF report

7. basic PDF report

8. tracks


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