Monday, October 18, 2010

WHO AM I 2 NEW !!!

After big success of my  first quiz game "Who am I" (free version) more than a 7000 download for first  month.  We  decide to create a commercial version of game " Who am I 2" .

FamousWhy Review :
"The game itself is not that difficult. You will see a distorted image of a famous character and four possible answers (names). You need to select as many correct answer as possible before time expires. Now, the distortion level can vary from a simple caricature up to a complex graphical modification. 
Based on how many correct answers you had and the game time (30 seconds, 60 seconds or 90 seconds), you will receive a score. Who am I comes with a score history that gets refreshed when a new score is uploaded. 

From graphical point of view, Who am I doesn't look bad. This small game comes with a simple back, white and maroon interface and an easy to read text font. The distortions are well made and some of them are quite funny to watch.

However, in order to receive a good score you need at least some basic knowledge about famous people and celebrities. Recognizing them without a certain distortion level can be a simple job but recognizing a celebrity from a caricatured image may be a challenge. 

I would recommend Who am I as it's a fun and easy to use application. All you need is an Android OS based device and you are ready to go. The celebrities' database is quite large and that guarantees many hours of entertainment. "
FamousWhy Review :

Game goal is  to guess who is a person on caricatures !!

In this version of game we make some changes and update of some minority bugs.

-we added easy ,intermediate, hard level in the game,
-we added more than 250 new caricatures,
-we added 3 time span for the game 60 , 90 , 120 seconds,
-we made big graphical changes,
-we optimize a code for a faster executing,
-tested on Android OS 1.6 -2.2
-killed some bugs that was found in free version of game on  OS 1.6 -2.0.1

after all we expecting more feedback from you  ,  suggestions and comments ..
from you depends shall we make a next version which we had in our plans ....

                                                        DOWNLOAD NEW VERSION !!

Monday, October 11, 2010


This  is  little android application made for  fun . You need to make guess  who is a person  on the picture .
The game catch is to make much more guess in  selected time period (30,60) seconds.