Sunday, September 19, 2010


World National Anthems is our new application which is the most comprehensive Android applications on the market in terms of content-type of world anthems. In relation to our application of European National Anthems this application contains a significant number of improvements.
World National Anthems is an application that contains a list of 219 of world national anthems of the state symbols, flags, melody, lyrics both in English and local languages.
We hope you will find our application be useful both in situations when you need information of this type, as well as in the case of pure fun.
Best view on Android OS 2.2 and resolution 480 x 800

Application tested on android OS version 1.6 - 2.2 .

Notice: On android OS Versions less than 2.2 there is some character displaying issue for now !!

1. welcome  form

2. country's list

3.local lyrics

4.english lyrics

Monday, September 6, 2010


European Union National Anthems (EU NA) is android application for anyone who need or wish to heard melodies  and to read lyrics of  27 EU National Anthems.

With this application you can very easy start a midi sound melodies for any of 27 European Countries and read a English translation of anthem text.   FREE DOWNLOAD

 1. start form  FREE DOWNLOAD

2. list of countries FREE DOWNLOAD

3. start to play music & read the lyrics FREE DOWNLOAD

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Android Time Tracker (ATT) is  an  android application for simple tracking your precious time in any of  your everyday activities .

Main purposes of ATT  is  to be  your everyday companion and to help  you to track all your activities with your Android OS capable phone.With ATT you can very easy track where you spent your precious  time.

ATT is very useful if you need to track how much time you spent  on some work which you doing for yourself  or  for some external customer.  ATT has an useful option  which make it easy for you to send an PDF format Report email  for your customer or to yourself  for archiving.  

Tested: Android OS Versions 1.6 - 2.2
Reporting :PDF/Email

1.ATT  home form

2. creating a time track

    3. open existing track

4. start time tracking

5. time track options

6. generate PDF report

7. basic PDF report

8. tracks