Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Numbers Let's Count

Hi there,
Here I am again with my new game which is delicious .. and need little of your precious brains :D
The simplest counting game ever 'The Numbers'

Game goal is to count as much as you can. There are numbers intervals for example:
Easy: Counting start from 2 so next will be 3 , 4, 5,6 etc.
When you finish clicking all numbers then you go to next level where counting goes multiple by 2
as 2,4,6,8,10 etc. and so on ....
If you think you can really count , then you can choose Hard level where counting start at 38 ,57,76 ... adding  19 to previous number.

Game  is  very addictive and I have much more ideas for this game It depends on you if you interested in and if you really like it ping me so I can spend more my precious time to implement all ideas and to make game more playable and addictive to all of  you .

Tested on android os 1.6-2.2  and  need higher resolution.